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Marine Wildlife


Taking part in a Kaikoura Marine Tour will allow you to make a positive contribution to the understanding of animals significant to the Kaikoura coastal marine environment.


Barney’s rock is an important habitat for NZ Fur Seals in the Kaikoura area and is the chosen seal study site for Kaikoura Marine Tours. On the ecotour, you will have the opportunity to assist with increasing the understanding of seals in this area by choosing to complete specially designed behavioural and population surveys.

Sea Birds

Kaikoura is a fantastic place to view a wide variety of seabirds.
The presence of a deep water canyon close to the coastline means that many species, usually found a great distance from shore, can be viewed a short distance from land.
Depending on the time of year up to seven different types of Albatross can be easily seen a short distance from land including the Wandering Albatross, which has the largest wingspan of any bird.

Inshore Fish

New Zealand fisheries management is based on sustainability. Accurate and consistent data on fishing is the key to the successful sustainable management of fish stocks. On each fishing tour, the Skipper will complete a recreational catch survey. Data from these surveys will help to improve the information on recreational catches in the Kaikoura area and consequently will lead to better management of these fish stocks.

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